Hamilton Gaiani Developed a Recovery Residence in New Haven. What Are Some Elements of a Good Sober House?


As an addiction psychiatrist who has completed an addiction psychiatry fellowship at Yale University, Dr. Hamilton Gaiani has worked with many different people who have struggled with addiction and sought help. After detox and inpatient care, many people will opt to live in recovery residence (sober house or halfway house), so they can slowly transition back to their regular lives without putting their sobriety at risk. Sober living facilities ease people back into the “real world” and allow them to maintain focus on recovery. Dr. Hamilton Gaiani is also the Vice President of CCORR, a New England organization that inspects sober living homes and trains managers to ensure the safety and health of all residing individuals.

Recognizing the need for a recovery residence in New Haven for women, Dr. Hamilton Gaiani developed Phoenix 43. Phoenix 43 features fully renovated common areas, kitchen, and bathrooms. There are five private one-person rooms, spanning three floors, and placement is based on seniority. The residence also has WIFI, a basement washer and dryer, on-street and off-street parking, and cable television. These amenities ensure residents are comfortable and are provided the basics they need as they transition out of a more restrictive environment.

Dr. Hamilton Gaiani’s education and experience have enabled him to create a sober living facility in Phoenix 43 that provides the structure, safety, and social connections necessary to succeed in recovery. Dr. Gaiani also did not want to discourage people who are taking medications of opioid use disorder from applying for residency to Phoenix 43. Phoenix 43 is based on evidenced-based research and does not block applicants who are taking these medications as long as they are willing to be appropriately monitored.

Additionally, Dr. Hamilton Gaiani based his model on the oxford house model, and the house is democratically governed by the residents and their elected residence manager. As the primary consultant for Phoenix 43, Dr. Hamilton Gaiani does consult with residents and the residence manager to ensure any policies put in place are evidence-based and designed to keep members of the house safe. If you or someone you love is committed to recovery and seeking a sober living facility in New Haven, you should consider looking at Phoenix 43.